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          The Sports Conditioning Institute and all of it's sub companies (Ultimate Track, The Adult Fitness Center, Venture Bootcamp and Ultimate Football) were incorporated in April 2010, but it all began a long time ago when Brad Vaccaro was in college back in 1994. That's when a friend started talking about a degree called "exercise science". At the time he was majoring in biology but was mostly interested in fitness and coaching. So the next semester he changed his major and began learning his basic knowledge of training from two great professors, Professor Davis and Professor Jenkins, and two years later graduated and started working as a personal trainer at Kings Court in Lyndhurst. 


          At Kings Court, Vaccaro learned from Joey Basrny the ins and outs of personal training. While there he started to develop his own style of training that would later become the "Anti - Momentum" training method. At this time he first started to realize that there was a major problem in the fitness industry because of the fact that very few supposed "fitness experts" had any real knowledge or education of fitness and were all teaching the same old "gym science" methods that were taught in the 70's and 80's by uneducated body builders. This was causing injuries in the very clients that were hoping to avoid injuries by paying for the help of "experts". 



          The next stop was in 1996 when Vaccaro started working at Parisi's. This is where he found what he truly loved: training athletes. He wanted to deliver a better product to his clients but it wasn't going to be possible there, so he began to dream of having his own facility where every client down to the six year old who is out of shape gets treated like he's a star athlete. He wanted it to be a place where the atmosphere is always positive, fun and never intimidating and where every trainer is a great person first and a great trainer second. He left to start training at Joe Frank and Gym and here he learned how good people could run a successful business and where people can always have fun working out! 


          When the opportunity came to take over a failing business in Wyckoff with a high school friend he took his entire life savings and invested it in a new business: Schuman's Elite Training. At Schuman's, Vaccaro was a 50% owner and ran the gym. The gym gained a reputation as a small, nice and fun place where everyone could get a great workout from top notch trainers. While hiring trainers for Schuman's  he would aquire his two stalwart trainers, Matt Conway and Charlie Toole. They would be integral in all future growth. About a year after Schumans opened in December of 2004 his partner, Schuman, started a company called the National Underclassmen Combine. With both partners working non stop the company quickly grew into one of the largest football companies in the country, but he still wasn't really doing what he had dreamed of doing. That's when he started the Sports Conditioning Institute. Now he was free to make sure that all the ideas he had to make the gym the best and safest training facility in the country could be implemented. 


          All along the way, Vaccaro has been Coaching high school track and field. Over those 15 years he has coached / trained over 30,000 athletes / clients and has become one of the most sought after trainers on the east coast. His trademarked training system "Anti- Momentum" training is the safest training method in the country and is the basis of his other trademarked concept: "F.F.I.T. Systems". The F.F.I.T.system implements the safe training methods of "Anti Momentum" but is based on 1/2 hour training sessions that are fast, frequent and intense. This systems allow for everyone to get training from the best facility around by making it affordable to everyone.

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