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Adult Fitness Center


At The Sports Conditioning Institute you will experience the very best in Adult Personal Training. The attentiveness, training knowledge and techniques are by far superior to any of the imitators. Our number one goal is always injury prevention while making sure that all the routines are still effective and challenging and always unique and fun.         

Adult Personal Training


  • Adult personal training sessions consist of either one on one or 2 - 3 in a small group. All instruction is lead by a professional personal trainer.

  • Personal training sessions will focus on the goals of the individual client, whether they are weight loss, muscle gain, or overall fitness and well being.

  • Sessions will consist of strength training to decrease risk of injury and build muscle, balance exercises to improve joint stabilization and flexibility and cardio to improve endurance and promote weight loss.

  • 1st session is always 1/2 off!

Adult Fitness Center Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to create a fun and un-intimidating environment and still provide the absolute best training available. The only two things any trainer can do for your workout other than the above, is to make sure that all the exercises done are more effective and safer than you would get somewhere else, and we ALWAYS provide that! We will always strive to create the most challenging training environment and that is why we are continually on the cutting edge.

Positive Living Boot Camps

Our Boot Camp classes are fun, high-energy classes for all fitness levels. Classes incorporate a combination of strength, endurance, agility, core and balance exercises. All classes also include yoga type poses to help strengthen and align your body and a compression massage.

Positive Living Boot Camp Facts

Boot camps will be held at our multi-sport state of the art facility. Whether it's on our brand new indoor turf field and fitness course or our outdoor training on nearby hills, fields and trails, the combination of indoor / outdoor workouts with a military style and adventure feel will provide participants with improved functional strength and a natural fitness experience. 


All aspect of fitness are integrated into fresh, multi faceted workout guaranteed to challenge anyone from beginners to advanced. 

Positive Living Boot Camp Features

Positive Living uses your own body weight with a series of isometric alignment poses, similar to that of yoga, to strengthen the bodies' core, as well as the smaller stabilizers, that support our larger muscle groups. We then progress to old school body weight exercises and a plethora of non-traditional equipment, such as ropes, medicine balls, kettle bells, fitness ladders, etc., to achieve real physical fitness.



Positive Living is an exercise program that incorporates dynamic and functional full body movements all while paying careful attention to muscle activation, balance and alignment.


Your body's new found muscle synergy, strength and alignment will help the body to move more freely and in balance… naturally.


  1) FREE half hour massage with purchase of first two month package
  2) Always FREE trial class
  3) $95 per month or $150 for two months
  4) Classes are kept small and we max out at eight people


  • Weight management

  • Fitness and body fat evals

  • Eating to live to 100! (Beyond just weight loss. Learn about additives in food, false health foods, the truth behind fad diets, Eating organic etc)


We complement our training with one of the best nutritional systems in the world.  Isagenix is an all-natural program that fits every lifestyle and every goal, from the athlete who wants peak performance, to the soccer mom who wants to lose weight, to the retiree who wants to age gracefully.  All new SCI customers get $50 off their first order of $150 or more.  Isagenix also has a 30-day money back guarantee on all products that you buy for the first time. 

Testimonials for Adult Fitness Center


I have been training at SCI for five years. My goal has always been to stay in shape, maintain my overall body strength, and remain strong for my every day tasks (driving a car, shopping, housework, gardening, and dancing.) The staff at SCI is extremely knowledgeable in every way. They are creative and the training is never boring, as they always seem to come up with a new, challenging way to approach my fitness. What I like best is the open line of communication I have with the trainers. We can discuss anything and they are helpful and quick to offer advice. I consider them good friends. 


Jeanette Hoffman


Brad became my fitness trainer thirteen years ago.  I had just completed a round of physical therapy for ongoing back problems.  What I liked about Brad's technique was that he was very attentive to my specific needs and abilities.  Brad is genuinely interested in his clients and wants to assure that they are doing what they need to do and are doing it correctly.


I was, and continue to be, appreciative of the excellent training that I received.  So much so that I followed Brad, first to Ridgewood, then to Wyckoff and now to Oakland.  During that time I have also trained with Matt Conway and am now training with Charlie Toole.  Both are excellent trainers who Brad has carefully selected because their methods and beliefs reflect his own high standards.


Over the past year I have developed some additional physical challenges. Charlie has worked carefully with me to develop exercises and routines that accommodate my limitations and, at the same time, help me progress in strength and fitness.


I am comfortable recommending training at SCI to anyone who is seeking guidance and a good experience.

Jeanne Michaud - Wayne, NJ


I've been training at Sports Conditioning Institute for 4 years, and I cannot emphasize enough how knowledgeable, motivational, and dedicated Brad and the rest of the staff are to helping clients reach their fitness and/or sports specific goals. As a physical therapist, I'm impressed with all the trainers knowledge on correct posture during lifting, creativeness with balance and stability exercises, and ability to progress and push clients to increase strength and endurance with a safe and functional method. I've witnessed numerous trainers who put clients into positions that can put added stress on joints, or give exercises that provide no carry over to a specific sport or goal and only leave the client at risk for injury. I've had the opportunity to train with Charlie Toole and participate in his Bootcamp classes and they've helped me lose body fat, increase muscle mass, and improve my endurance. I love the challenge of the classes, and how they incorporate strengthening, balance, and cardio into one class with functional and creative exercises that I've never experienced at any other gym. With the help of the trainers to improve my strength and running mechanics, I've begun participating in local 5k's with a personal record of 21:52 with no prior racing experience. Not only does the staff provide excellent training sessions, but they have the ability to realize potential in clients and have the compassion to push their athletes/clients to reach goals they may have never thought they could attain. I wouldn't be where I am today without these guys! Even though I have a background in the health field, I continuously learn from the staff about how to challenge clients and myself with new exercises and techniques to improve overall fitness capabilities and lifestyle. Thanks guys!!!!!


Danielle Irish - DPT (Ramsey NJ)

dani irish.jpg

Brad became my fitness trainer 3 months ago.  I recently suffered a brain infection that left me very unsteady on my feet.  I am now stronger than ever and have very good balance.  Brad and his staff are genuinely interested in my physical development and are just good people. 

I am, and continue to be, appreciative of the excellent training that I receive.  During my time at SCI I have also trained with Matt Conway and Matt Hahn. All are excellent trainers. 

I am very comfortable recommending training at SCI to anyone who is seeking excellent training, guidance, and a good experience.


Scott Kalico

Scott Kalico.JPG
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