Positive Living Boot Camps

Our Boot Camp classes are fun, high-energy classes for all fitness levels. Classes incorporate a combination of strength, endurance, agility, core and balance exercises. All classes also include yoga type poses to help strengthen and align your body and a compression massage.

Positive Living Boot Camp Facts

Boot camps will be held at our multi-sport state of the art facility. Whether it's on our brand new indoor turf field and fitness course or our outdoor training on nearby hills, fields and trails, the combination of indoor / outdoor workouts with a military style and adventure feel will provide participants with improved functional strength and a natural fitness experience. 


All aspect of fitness are integrated into fresh, multi faceted workout guaranteed to challenge anyone from beginners to advanced. 

Positive Living Boot Camp Features

Positive Living uses your own body weight with a series of isometric alignment poses, similar to that of yoga, to strengthen the bodies' core, as well as the smaller stabilizers, that support our larger muscle groups. We then progress to old school body weight exercises and a plethora of non-traditional equipment, such as ropes, medicine balls, kettle bells, fitness ladders, etc., to achieve real physical fitness.



Positive Living is an exercise program that incorporates dynamic and functional full body movements all while paying careful attention to muscle activation, balance and alignment.


Your body's new found muscle synergy, strength and alignment will help the body to move more freely and in balance… naturally.


  1) FREE half hour massage with purchase of first two month package
  2) Always FREE trial class
  3) $95 per month or $150 for two months
  4) Classes are kept small and we max out at eight people

Positive Living Bootcamp Schedule: